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I'm not sure how blue-pilled the chief police officer was after the case. He said a couple of things that were interesting. First he said that this case just didn't ruin the lives of the men, but it tore apart a whole community - the town. This is an admission that false allegations are bigger than normal lies. Second he said that this case shows that women can be reassured that his police force take rape claims seriously and investigates them thoroughly. To me, that sounded like a disguised threat toward women to not try this again, cleverly hidden in classic feminist rhetoric.

I don't have a link to the article for exact wording, but I did a double-take as it sounded new to me. There was none of the usual claim that false allegations are rare and we believe women. Quite the opposite.

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They should sue the police. It's encouraging that the story of these men is made public. Thank you Tom for bringing it to our attention.

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Eight years is not long enough. She should have been sentenced to at least twenty five years, served in full, and then committed to a secure psychiatric institution for life. That she was charged with perverting the course of justice is totally inadequate; there must be a specific crime of making a false allegation or accusation of rape or sexual assault. That woman is not a 'fantasist', she is a vicious attacker and is a danger to men.

That aside, one of the men spent several weeks in custody before the police checked his alibi, which was that he was in a police van, for some other offence, when the woman claimed he was raping her.

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