Men's Sheds

are good!

Mar 22, 2023

Men’s Sheds started in the 1990’s in Australia and have been growing worldwide since that time. The US has been slower to respond than some other countries. Men in the U.S. have built about 60 sheds which is just a fraction of the more than 2000 sheds worldwide. Sheds have been a blessing for men who have faced isolation and a huge lack of male to male contact in recent decades. Nearly all of the men’s organizations have been opened to women thus starving men of male to male camaraderie. Of course at the same time women’s groups have proliferated in all imaginable ways. Men’s groups are forbidden, women’s groups are empowering. Go figure.

We talk with Jeff Wolfsberg who is in the process of starting a shed in Massachusetts. We discuss sheds, the picture worldwide, the ways they are helping men, and get the inside info on Jeff’s work on getting a shed going in Massachusetts.

to contact Jeff:

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The US has a shed association that is helping men to get sheds started. You can find them here